What is a Fraternity?

To put it simply: a fraternity is a family. It is a common bond that will remain with you throughout your life. Just as friends build their relationship through helping one another, sharing excitement and joy, exchanging ideas and feelings, and learning what makes one another unique, fraternity brothers build their bond. It is a bond built upon mutual respect, trust, and good will.

What is Triangle Fraternity?

Triangle is a national social fraternity with chapters located across the country. Membership in Triangle is reserved for students majoring in engineering, architecture, and the sciences. The result is an organization centered around common educational goals, but with a variety of personalities, races, religions, and backgrounds. Since communication between people is the most important step in building relationships, Triangle's common membership base provides a substantial edge. Triangle's unique name comes from our history and is recognized as the fraternity of engineers, architects, and scientists.

Triangle's Mission and Vision

Triangle exists to provide an environment of excellence in which each individual member will achieve his highest potential (intellectually, socially, and professionally) while building lifelong, enriching friendships upon common bonds and shared experiences. Triangle Fraternity is serious about scholarship, sets and demonstrates high standards, and celebrates achievement. Triangle also emphasizes member development, a dimension of personal growth that provides leadership opportunities that will carry over into a successful career.

Benefits of Membership

Triangle offers leadership development, a lifeline of support, a service-oriented atmosphere, and the benefit of a similar academic experience for its members. Scholarship is the basic reason you are at school. Triangle provides a tight-knit group of peers to help you throughout your educational career. In addition, in Triangle Fraternity you will find:

  • A home while you are in college that is shared with others
  • Friendship to last a lifetime
  • Encouragement to fully develop your mental capabilities
  • Ways to learn self-discipline and team work
  • Leadership opportunities through chapter operations, regional workshops, and national leadership schools
  • Opportunities to further develop social skills
  • Opportunities to become familiar with business practices
  • Alumni members become part of your network, which is of great value in your personal and professional life