Parents to Parents Program


The Parents to Parents Program is a chance for parents of Triangle Brothers to inform other parents about the opportunities Triangle Fraternity has to offer. Take this moment to learn about Triangle from the perspective of the most important and inspirational people in our lives: You.



As parents of an engineering student at Marquette University, we first learned of the Triangle Fraternity, during our “on-campus tour” from a Triangle member who spoke highly of the program during an orientation session about the Engineering Co-op program. This young man noted how advantageous the Triangle Fraternity had been for him, not only financially when he was enrolled in the Co-op program and travelled off-campus during semesters, but also with the assistance from other “Engineering Fraternity Brothers” who assisted him with his studies.

Now that our son has been a member of the Marquette University Chapter of Triangle for the past two years, we have learned much more about the overall programs and opportunities available to the young men who take on this challenge.

Membership within the Fraternity offers a reasonable living alternative to dorm and/or apartment living at the Triangle Fraternity House just off of the Marquette University Campus. Not to mention the opportunities available to the Fraternity Brothers for study groups, past classroom books in the MU Triangle Library and tutoring support from “Upper-Classman” Fraternity Brothers who have previously taken on these challenging engineering classes.

A strong sense of community, friendship and camaraderie is afforded its members over the years and also ensures that these young men develop and build a key network of enhanced employment and career opportunities both on a local and national level for their future endeavors.

In addition, the goals and objectives of the MU Triangle Fraternity also assists Triangle members in developing skills applicable in community service projects, awareness campaigns and team building ~ all of which are exceptional talents that will serve them well in their future engineering careers.

As parents, we have seen the skills and growth afforded our son through his Triangle responsibilities and efforts and feel that it was a worthwhile venture indeed.

Kind Regards,

Nadine and Michael Hill
Parents of Andrew John (AJ) Hill; MU Chapter Triangle Fraternity Brother



Triangle Fraternity at Marquette University has been a great organization for my son.

He has been able to meet many other fellow engineering majors. Triangle has provided him with a group of friends not only to live with but to socialize with during his years at college. Furthermore, he is developing a network of friends and contacts for the future.

Triangle members participate in a wide variety of activities including community service projects, bowling, camping, Pig Roasts, Sunday night dinners (cooked by the fraternity boys) or just “hanging out “ together to watch a movie.

I would definitely recommend joining Triangle Fraternity at Marquette University.


Mary Johnson
(Parent of Andrew Johnson, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Marquette 2011)