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Are you interested in becoming a member of the Rho Chapter, being recolonized at Marquette in 2021? Please share your information here and a member of Triangle will be in touch!

Our commitment to building better men dates back more than 110 years to our beginnings at the University of Illinois, where Triangle was founded by 16 civil engineers who chose to lead in the classroom, on the campus, and within the community. Their choice was to form a group to provide support for their social, academic and professional goals.

Since that founding, we have expanded nationwide and broadened our membership to include men pursuing STEM and Architecture degrees – essentially becoming a STEM fraternity experience before the acronym was even created. We remain dedicated to supporting our members socially, academically and professionally.

“Triangle has provided me various opportunities in leadership, encouraged me to expand upon the boundaries of success, and helped me develop friendships that I wouldn’t have possibly received outside of the Chapter!”

– Keegan Holdorf, Brother of the Iowa State Chapter

There is no other men’s STEM fraternity experience.  If you are looking for a STEM group to support your academic goals and graduation, provide leadership and social opportunities, and a connection with thousands of prominent alumni in the fields of engineering, architecture, and science, talk to Triangle.

Our members understand the challenges of a technical degree path and can be both a support system and valuable stepping stone on the path to a successful technical career.

“Triangle is a social fraternity that balances a powerful force in hard academics with the benefits of brotherhood and friendship. We build better men by creating bonds and empowering men to because well-rounded individuals.”

– Joshua Wortman, Chapter President of the University of Nebraska Lincoln Chapter