Join the Rho Chapter!

Calling all unaffiliated men in STEM! 

Are you searching for a sense of community at Marquette? Looking for a group to support you in both your personal and professional endeavors? Or maybe, just hoping to make lifelong friendships? Triangle Fraternity is returning to campus this Fall and is seeking Re-Founding Fathers to lead our brotherhood as we begin this new chapter of the organization’s legacy! 

Founded nationally in 1907 and at Marquette University in 1937, Triangle was created to be a place where men of similar majors could socialize, support each other’s academic pursuits and better prepare themselves for successful careers. 

We realize the connotation that comes with the concept of fraternity, but as the only men’s STEM Fraternity experience, we consider ourselves the best kept secret on college campuses. Our fraternity was built upon the idea that an environment of mutual respect and support between college men would fuel success in and outside of the classroom. We believe that membership in our fraternity surpasses any expectations set and defies the stereotypes surrounding the fraternal experience.

All potential Candidates for membership must be pursuing a STEM degree, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and have some history of leadership and/or service in the last four years. To apply, please visit  All questions can be directed to Jim Phillips, Director of Growth and Expansion at 

To learn a little more about what it means to be a Triangle at Marquette, please visit our Instagram or Facebook pages (@marquette.triangle.fraternity). We look forward to learning more about you and hope you will consider the benefits Triangle Fraternity could bring to your college experience and beyond!